Our Story

In our hearts we carry this vision: to see every person with the Word of God, translated into their mother tongue, and to empower mother tongue speakers to translate the Bible into their own language.

Since 1981, we have been working towards this goal through translation, training, literacy, and partnerships with like-minded organizations. Our prayer is that every person will know that God loves them and speaks their language!

Our Vision

The glory of God through transformed lives by the power of his Word in everyone’s heart language.

Vision 2050

Our goal is to be instrumental in the completion of the first-time translation of the complete Bible in 500 languages by 2050 and to help other translation agencies in as many other Bible translation projects as we can.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enable persons, ministries and organizations from language communities that do not have the Bible in their own language yet to take responsibility for Bible translation and related activities and to ensure its availability and accessibility.

Our Core Values

We value:

The Word of God – God desires to speak to people through the entire Bible. Therefore, our goal for every language in which we work is to translate the entire Bible.

First-time Bible translations – We are passionate about giving priority to first-time Bible translations because that is where Bible translation is most needed.

Respect for all cultures – Each people group is a blessing from God and has the right to hear God speaking to them in their own language.

Interaction with our partners – We see ourselves as co-servants with other ministries, and with our intercessors, volunteers and financial supporters.

Excellence in serving the Lord – We dedicate our efforts to pleasing God above all. Our excellence is evidenced through the:- Integrity of our conduct- Innovation of our methods- Discipline of our stewardship- Combining of sound academic principles and practical skills in our empowering of nationals for Bible translation.