Our Partners

Our partners are crucial to the success of the Bible Translation! We partner with both individuals, other translation agencies, and organizations.

We are grateful for every one of our partners in helping to fulfill the call to translate Bibles in every language. 

Every Tribe Every Nation 

Seed Company

New Life Computer Institute NECTAR

LUMO Projects  

American Bible Society 

Pioneer Bible Translators 

United Bible Society


Digital Bible Library

DAVAR Partners International  

Faith Comes by Hearing


Jesus Film Project

New Life Literature

Wycliffe USA


Various National Bible Societies

Individual Partners

  • Team members: We see all of our team members as partners in the ministry of Bible Translation. These include administrators, board members, national directors, translators, trainers, consultants, reviewers, typesetters, publishers, printers, financial supporters, prayer partners, and friends who provide accommodation, transportation, meals, advice, and skills.
  • Short term participants: A large and growing group of guest trainers and guest consultants make up a very important part of our partnerships!

Agencies and Organizations

  • Supporting churches: Churches in the USA, the UK, and South Africa are involved in supporting members and support staff.
  • Local churches: A broad range of local churches partner with us across Africa and in Slovakia, from Roman Catholic to the Kale Heywet church (the largest evangelical church in Ethiopia). They are our most important partners in the process of recruiting potential translators to enter our training program. They also play a large role in reviewing the ongoing translation work (via review committees) and are critical to be sure that the published Scriptures are as widely used as possible!
  • National Bible agencies: National Bible Societies partner with TWFTW in strategizing, establishing Bible translation projects, providing partial financing, helping to provide consultants, and ultimately publishing translations.
  • Other Bible agencies: Please see the other members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) here.
  • Ministries: EMIT formerly Africa Ministries International), Literacy and Evangelism International, and the South African Theological Seminary are some of the ministries we partner with.
  • Donors: Foundations, Trusts, and businesses are also important partners/team members with TWFTW.